Friday, October 26, 2007

Response from Maurice Strong

Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 11:15:07 +0800 (CST)
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Subject: Reply
To:"Rebecca Davis"
CC:"Georges Tsai" ,, "info"

Dear Ms. Davis,

Your e-mail message of October 3rd, 2007 has just caught up to me in
Beijing, China where I now
spend most of my time.

As you will know, I am no longer a member of the Council of Upeace and
have not been able to be
active in its affairs for the past year or so when my activities have
been severely limited due to
illness. Accordingly I am not familiar with the circumstances of the
recent change that has
occurred in the role and status of Professor Ronnie de Camino Delozo.
However, I can say that
during my own early period as Rector and then as President of the
Council of Upeace, I developed a
very high regard for Professor de Camino, his personal and professional
qualities and his
important contributions to the academic programs of Upeace. Indeed he
was one of the most
consistent and effective contributors to maintaining the very limited
academic program of Upeace
during its most difficult time and to the transition that made possible
its impressive progress
since then.

While I have not been able to discuss this matter with them, I am sure
that the new leadership of
Upeace will give the views and proposals in your message full and
respectful consideration.
Transparency and accountability are extremely important in maintaining
the relationship of trust
and mutual interest that must exist between management, faculty and
students, although there can
always be legitimate differences as to how this can best be achieved.

While I can no longer be involved in this process, I have every
confidence that it will produce a
solution that will help to ensure the continued progress of Upeace
during this challenging period
that will be so critical to its future.

With my very best wishes.
Maurice Strong

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