Saturday, August 25, 2007

Links to the documentary TOTAL DENIAL depicting UNOCAL's Human Rights crimes in Burma

Below are links to the award winning documentary 'Total Denial' by Ms. Milena Kaneva, depicting the story of UNOCAL's involvements in Burma and the unprecedented court case on its human rights crimes there. 'Total Denial' was awarded the special prize for Human Rights by former Czech President Vaclav Havel during the One World Festival in Prague(March 2006).

Download some information on the court case from here, including the legal documents from the plaintiffs (pdf):

Links to other documents and information relating to the court case against UNOCAL:

Below is a statement from two of the plaintiffs and from the team of lawyers representing the plantiffs, at the conlusion of the 'John Doe Vs. UNOCAL' case.

The Legal Team has jointly issued the following statement:

The fifteen individuals who brought these cases suffered horribly at the hands of the Burmese military, with the complicity of Unocal. They risked their lives for the last eight years seeking justice through these suits. These villagers, ethnic minorities from a remote region, living under a brutal dictatorship, took on a major U.S. multinational oil company in court - and won. We are thrilled for our clients and gratified that the settlement will provide funds benefiting other victims of the Yadana pipeline.

More generally, this is a historic victory for human rights and for the corporate accountability movement. Corporations can no longer fool themselves into thinking they can get away with human rights violations. This case will reverberate in corporate boardrooms around the world and will have a deterrent effect on the worst forms of corporate behavior.

On behalf of the plaintiffs, we thank the many people and organizations working tirelessly to promote democracy in Burma. Our colleagues in the 'Free Burma' movement have been instrumental in calling public attention to Unocal's complicity in the abuses suffered by so many in the pipeline region. We look forward to the day that freedom and democracy will come to Burma; a time when its citizens will live with hope rather than fear, under law rather than tyranny, and when the people of Burma will never again suffer egregious military abuses, whether in support of political repression or the corporate greed of companies like Unocal.

John Doe IX, a plaintiff who had done back-breaking forced labor in the mid 1990's, said, "I don't care about the money. Most of all I wanted the world to know what Unocal did. Now you know."

Louisa Benson, a California resident who served as a plaintiff representing the people of California, added "I am gratified for two reasons. First, there is now awareness that corporations need to be accountable for their partners' actions as well as their own. Second, many people have lost their lives on this project, but those that still remain can now begin to get their lives back together."

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